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Marina WiFi WiFi Consulting, Installation, and Project Management Services: Marinas

WiFi Consulting, Installation, & Project Management Services:
Marinas Services & Solutions

EclipseWiFi Consulting, Installation, & Project Management Services Today's WiFi requirements are very different then what may be previously installed at your marina. With the introduction of more and more smaller WiFi-enabled guest devices, the requirements to meet your guest's expectations and needs have overwhelmed currently-installed WiFi networks and made them obsolete.

The urgency for more device connections to your network, higher bandwidth necessity, and your guest's demand for WiFi mobility throughout the marina, now requires advanced managed WiFi networks.

At Eclipse WiFi Corp., we design, deliver and install complete turnkey WiFi systems and solutions to meet today's demands of the guest WiFi experience. We have been in the wireless space for more than 30 years and unlike many network companies who simply try to provide WiFi, we understand the challenges of providing reliable and robust WiFi to guests connecting with mobile devices inside and often below deck.
EclipseWiFi Consulting, Installation, & Project Management Services
WiFi is a two-way system. The weak link in a WiFi system are the guest's WiFi-enabled devices; smartphones, tablets, computer laptops, gaming consoles, etc. At Eclipse WiFi Corp., we have the experience and equipment to overcome these obstacles. We have delivered total-coverage WiFi solutions to marinas and boaters where other companies have failed.

Let us review your marina's current WiFi system (or lack of a WiFi system) to determine what we can do to make your guest's WiFi experience a great one and, more importantly, allow you to go back to managing your marina and not your WiFi network.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have.