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About Eclipse WiFi:
The Eclipse WiFi team has been designing and supporting wireless networks and products since the launch of the wireless network era. We believe in the principle that one size does not fit all when it comes to WiFi. We approach each situation as a unique project and as a result we are changing the way we all currently using WiFi by providing total-coverage solutions that meet today's, as well as tomorrow's, needs. Our products are designed for the environments that they will be deployed in to, unlike most WiFi gear that is expected to work in all situations and environments.

With the release of our in-wall wireless access point (EW28650) we changed the way WiFi is now deployed in the hospitality industry with several major hotel chains and resorts. From The Ritz-Carlton to Club Med, installing our WiFi device has dramatically improved the guest WiFi experience. Our technical team is available to discuss your next WiFi project. Please see our design and consulting services for additional information.

Reseller Program Benefits:
Eclipse WiFi is always looking for new resellers to partner with to help bring our exciting products to customers looking for better WiFi solutions. We do not sell direct and all of our current sales are through one of our distributors. The distributors can be found on our WHERE TO BUY page. We are very selective with our distributors as well as with our partners and we will never over-distribute or partner with too many resellers. Online sales of our products on sites such as Amazon or eBay is prohibited. As a reseller, you will obtain the most aggressive pricing available and you will receive emails when we announce a new product or promotion prior to our customers or the public. All resellers will receive the same discount pricing so no reseller will have an advantage over the other. This protects the market and allows all resellers to be competitive. When we receive a request from a customer directly we will refer the customer to one of our authorized resellers that covers that area. We also have a 30-day "buy-and-try" program available only to our resellers.

All applications that are received are reviewed by one of our product managers and an acceptance or, in some cases, a rejection email will be sent to you within 48 working hours. If you are really a reseller you will have a resale certificate for your company issued by the state your are located in. Applications received without a valid resale number or copy of your resale certificate will be rejected. We do not sell to endusers or directly to customers. Resellers located in NY State must submit a copy of form ST-120 completed, signed, and dated.

Eclipse WiFi works closely with our distributor network to see that they have the current inventory levels based on market demand and, with that, comes discounts for holding that inventory. Those discounts are passed on to our authorized resellers so you can be successful in growing your business through Eclipse WiFi product sales and services.

Proprietary Information Agreement:
Our standard proprietary information (NDA) and inventions agreement(s) will be distributed and must be signed in order to continue in the reseller program.

Any reseller who violates pricing guidelines or any other guideline set up by Eclipse WiFi, or the authorized Eclipse Wifi distributor, may be terminated at any time.

For any questions or additional information on our reseller program, please feel free to contact us to discuss.

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